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Your opinions are valuable and you deserve to be rewarded for them. See below for a complete list of our most frequently asked questions and some quick tips on how to get started and be successful with Bizcoin Surveys

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Getting Started

Bizcoin Surveys is an invite-only platform that allows members to earn rewards for sharing their insights and opinions. The majority of our invited members have previously completed an e-commerce satisfaction survey provided by Bizrate Insights – our parent company. If you have opted-in through Bizrate Insights survey, check your e-mail inbox, your invite should be there. If you haven’t, you can request an invitation on our homepage (

The accuracy and integrity of the data we provide our market research partners is of the upmost importance to us. As such, we ensure that all Bizcoin Surveys members are verified consumers residing in the United States.

Members can receive a $5 Amazon gift card for every 5,000 Bizcoins they earn.

Bizcoin Surveys is free for members. We only ask that you provide thoughtful and honest answers to our survey questions.

We want to match you with the right survey and give you the best opportunity to earn rewards. We use your answers to these questions to connect you with market researcher studies interested in hearing from people just like you.

If you are using our mobile app and can’t remember your username or password, just click “Forgot Password” on your log-in screen and we’ll help you out. A username and password is not currently required for members taking surveys directly from our e-mail invitations.

If you wish to change your email, simply write us at and we’ll respond within 72 hours.

Yes, Bizcoin Surveys is currently only open to members residing in the United States.

We’re more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have! Contact us at and we’ll respond within 72 hours.

Bizcoin Surveys Coins

Members with at least 5,000 coins may redeem them for an Amazon Gift card in our mobile app or after completing a survey opportunity directly from our e-mail invitation.

Your coin balance can be found in both our mobile app and after you complete a survey opportunity directly from our e-mail invitation.

We do everything possible to provide an accurate point balance, but if you have questions regarding your balance please email us at

In most cases your coins will be deposited into your account immediately after you successfully complete a survey. There are instances, however, where it may take up to 72 hours for your balance to be updated.

You can earn anywhere from 5 to 5,000 coins per survey, depending on its length and subject.

If you encounter an issue redeeming your coins then please email us at

Once you have redeemed your coins for an Amazon gift card all Amazon program rules apply.

As long as you stay an active member of Bizcoin Surveys your coins will not expire.
If you do not earn and/or redeem any points for a 3 month period, your Bizcoin Surveys account will expire (and your entire point balance lost). For example, if you open the link in a Program email to a survey on October 1, 2021, and for three months thereafter do not open any surveys, then your Participant Account and all available Points will be terminated/deleted on or about January 1, 2022. However, if you click into a survey during that period, then the three-month deadline will be reset from the date of that activity. In order to maintain your account, it is only necessary to open a link to a survey every three months. Completing and submitting the survey is not required to avoid account termination, though it may be necessary for other aspects of the Program, such as earning points.

About the Surveys

Most Bizcoin Surveys members receive one survey invitation a week. If you’d like to take more surveys download our mobile app today.

We know your time is valuable so we try to pair you with surveys that can be completed in the amount of available time you have. Generally speaking, the longer a survey takes to complete the more coins you will receive as a reward for completing it.

Please contact us at should you have any technical issues while completing a Bizcoin Survey.

Privacy Policy

Cancelling Membership

You may cancel your Bizcoin Surveys membership by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our e-mail survey invitations.

If you cancel your Bizcoin Surveys membership at any time and have not redeemed your points, then they are ineligible for redemption. If you have questions regarding your balance please email us at

How to be Successful


Answer Bizcoinsurveys profile survey questions to help improve our ability to match you with the right surveys


Take your time and read each question carefully


Review the options before responding


Respond with thoughtful answers


Use punctuations and full sentences when you need to write an answer


Do not use tools that hides your location


Contact our support team for any questions at:

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